What became of the marketing trends for 2017

We evaluated the trend analyses of 17 marketing and sales journals last year. The result was a list of ten trends, and we presented five of them to you in detail in the Club Report 2017. How did this forecast work out? Which themes have actually become standard tools and which ones are we still waiting for? Let’s put the crystal ball aside and look at the facts.

It’s no surprise that the use of video content (1st place) continued to increase in 2017. Thanks to technical capabilities and the expansion of network infrastructure, functionality such as live streaming of events via social media or the use of video on demand is now commonplace in Germany. More and more businesses are realizing that far more can be conveyed with video than with other media. High learning potential and good ROI make a corresponding contribution to success.

The perennial content marketing (2nd place) also continued to gain in importance this year. Generating unique content is now more important than ever for getting noticed by your target group. That’s shown by the current heavy use of native advertising, i.e. paid promotional content instead of classical advertising. And e-mail, almost left for dead, is making a comeback with personalized offers and automated marketing campaigns.

For a while now, messaging services and chatbots (3rd place) have been used intensively. For example, you can subscribe to receive messages via WhatsApp from newspapers, soccer clubs, and also some businesses in EWL. The chatbot from Dr. Oetker, a German food producer, has been helping food retailers find products since November, and mercury.ai, a start-up based in the German city of Bielefeld, has its first chatbot solution at work for Nestlé. So as you can see, things are happening in this field in our region.

Though they haven’t really become marketing mainstays yet, augmented reality and virtual reality (4th place) are technologies that have found their way into many communications concepts. For example, PROTIQ, a provider of 3D printing services based in the German town of Blomberg, uses a VR world for its trade show stand, as does compressor producer Boge. Things look different with augmented reality. In our experience, though a few companies have understood its benefits for service and production, its use in the sales process is still rather unusual.

In mobility and apps (5th place), we’ve combined the two major fields of mobile marketing and mobile advertising. While B2B companies are also discovering ways to use apps and especially seeing benefits in the sales process, only a few businesses are making use of the capabilities of mobile advertising.

Marketing goes digital

Life is getting more and more digital, and so is the working world. Marketing is reacting to those trends in its choice of communication channels as well as in the automation of its own processes. As we can see, not all trends are involved to the same degree. However, the desire to digitalize is clearly present – in nearly every sector.

Author: Andreas Knepper, TMC GmbH (www.tmc-gmbh.de)

  • 30. January 2018
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