Video content: How companies, brands and products become more visible in the Internet

Video content is an effective marketing instrument. Videos are among the most popular tools in the Internet – for users as well as those who produce them. Users appreciate the informative added value of product videos, image films and explanatory videos, and they process information more quickly when it is presented in condensed, visual form. Companies benefit from the extended range and visibility they gain in the Internet.

Social media: video boom

Social media networks are driving the video boom. Sources suggest that Facebook users view more than 100 million hours of video material every day. Videos are the most-shared type of content on Facebook; according to statistics, the number of videos has risen by up to 360%. Around 400 hours of video material are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Videos are a boom business for Instagram/Instagram Story, too: Within just one year, the number of videos produced daily quadrupled and the amount of time spent playing those videos rose by 80%.

Video content pushes search engine rankings

These are impressive numbers, and naturally highly relevant for marketing! Video content makes companies more visible and is often preferred in search engine rankings. After all, good content increases both traffic to a website and the length of time the viewer spends there, and this has a positive effect on rankings. Interesting videos with good content are frequently shared or liked, which results in greater awareness and Internet visibility for the video – and ultimately the brand, product or company.

Video content: appropriate for the marketing mix

The statistics and advantages of video content are impressive. But like all successful marketing tools, it needs a suitable concept, a well-thought-out strategy, and the right place in your marketing mix. What won’t work is to grab a video camera, point it and start shooting.

So define your budget, goals and target groups up front. Ask yourself what kind of video content you want to show (an explanatory film, a product film, an image film, animation, etc.) and think about the channels available to you (your own homepage, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). And remember: Making good videos is an ongoing process. Always analyze, measure and adapt your videos and content accordingly.

Naturally, there are agencies that have a lot of experience in video marketing and can support you. We’re one of them – and we’d be happy to be your partner in video marketing. Give us a call, or contact us via e-mail.


  • 5. August 2018
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