We light up your message! TMC is a PIXLIP GO partner

Are you looking for a solution that will get your business or your products a lot of attention at a reasonable price?


For a trade fair or a display window, or to present your products in a store or accent your presentation? Then we’re pleased to tell you about PIXLIP GO.

Its modular light boxes are covered with custom-printed fabric to put your message in the right light. How does it look? Let the team from PIXLIP show you themselves:

These systems really do offer a lot of possibilities, and we’ve also used them at trade fairs. The feedback is the same every time: PIXLIP GO is an unbelievable attention-getter, very light and compact, and easy to set up and take down – all that at an absolutely reasonable price.

PIXLIP GO is modular – you can expand or reduce it as needed.

So if you want to start off with a single light box for the next small trade fair or product presentation, that’s no problem. Individual boxes are available in different sizes, and they’re combinable. That means you can quickly and easily use PIXLIP GO to create the effect of a big, backlit wall for larger trade fair stands. The systems are also great for organizers to use for visitor guidance at conferences or other events.

You can change your message quickly and economically

Do you have a new product? Has your company logo changed? Will your message at next year’s trade fair be different? No problem, just have new textile prints made. Just like that, you’ve got a new appearance without having to invest in a new system.


Send us a message with “PIXLIP” as the topic – or call us now!

  • 15. February 2018
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