TMC connects brands, markets and people in the digital world.

TMC repositions itself! Our new strategic direction of the TMC is the result of months of work. Four Competence Units (TMC consult, TMC classic, TMC digital und TMC live) bundle the agency’s portfolio. Highest premise and result of all realised projects are holistic marketing services which are implemented efficiently,creative and reliable for our customers.
In a measurable way! We thereby do not work according to a rigid system, but assemble our project teams over and over in an agile and project-specific way.

A part of the new focus of the TMC is the campaign GermanAngstBesieger®, an initiative for more courage of German companies in marketing. We are convinced that companies today – along with a good factual and conceptual basis – need more courage for marketing decisions.

To be a bit more courageous, not more reckless, than the competition, instead swimming with the mainstream. Ideas and concepts on this will be provided by the TMC team.
Everything you want to know about the new focus of the TMC you will find on the (also new) website.

  • 19. Februar 2018
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TMC GmbH – The Marketing Company
Über uns

TMC ist eine inhabergeführte Full-Service-Marketing- und Werbeagentur. Sie wurde 1994 gegründet und arbeitet seitdem für Kunden aus dem gesamten Bundesgebiet sowie dem europäischen Ausland. Das Leistungsportfolio der Agentur ist auf drei Kernbereiche ausgerichtet: Online-, Offline- und Live-Marketing.


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