The three most important design trends for 2018

You’ll run into these new design trends especially often this year.

Things are becoming more and more digital in marketing, a trend we can also confirm in the field of design. When it comes to new developments, communications design is also focusing completely on digital content.

Of all the new design choices, we’d like to present the three topics that we believe will dominate in 2018.


Design trend #1 – duotones

How can you set yourself apart with design in the Internet nowadays? Everything’s noisy, colorful and flat. Well, that’s over now. Duotones will rule in 2018! In the analog world, this would amount to printing with two printing plates using one color each, but naturally it’s relatively easy to achieve this effect with digital methods.

Duotones already dominate in some fields, especially fashion and lifestyle. Those who react quickly can use this trend to make a real statement in their sectors

Design trend #2 – responsive logos

Responsive design has crossed the finish line: Today it’s perfectly normal for potential customers to look for businesses, services and products in the Internet – and they do it more and more often with mobile devices. Many website owners have reacted to this by giving their websites a responsive design. Of course, a logical consequence of this trend is the adaptation of this process (content adapts to the device being used) to logos. But many businesses haven’t taken this step yet, so we expect a veritable flood of responsive logos this year.


Design trend #3 – moving pictures

You might just wonder what’s supposed to be so trendy about moving pictures. What’s new is the increasing use of moving pictures (GIFs or interactive formats) in business contexts. For example, you can explain a process much faster if you don’t just use words to describe it, but help the reader with a little animation. We make use of this option regularly to illustrate sequences, such as in website navigation. Since pictures often say more than words, you can convince (potential) customers with a visual story much better when you use a GIF to tell them about a product or your company.

This approach works very nicely when demonstrating how to use a product, or to explain an application for whatever it is you’re selling. You can get customers even more deeply involved by using interactive elements, for example by letting them experience the development of a product by using a slider element.

In the future, we’ll probably be seeing a lot of this technique in digital out-of-home advertising.


Have you seen something that interests you? Our TMC classic and TMC digital units will be happy to help you make efficient use of digital trends for your business success!

  • 4. February 2018
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