Potential and opportunities offered by VR in marketing

Virtual Reality (VR) is booming. It provides the viewer with access to artificial worlds and, through this immersion in a computer-generated world, triggers emotions and allows both the new and the familiar to be experienced from a different perspective. For example, the viewer can be teleported to a vacation destination or into buildings or into or in front of machines. This latter aspect, in particular, is used both for training purposes and demo presentations.

What does this mean for marketing? What opportunities does VR offer in this respect? Lots of them. Extremely creative ones. Ones that also, in some cases, result in cost savings. With trade fair stands in particular, for instance, this means that machines or large-scale solutions no longer have to be set up at the stand itself, which can be very costly; instead, they can be presented using VR or AR applications.

VR applications at trade fair stands/events

There is no need for logistics, no machinery has to be installed, the costs for the trade fair stand are significantly reduced, and at the same time, new and stimulating experiences are created for the user. We have already designed and programmed such VR applications for trade fairs on many occasions for customers. They are a veritable magnet at the trade fair, attracting an extremely positive response from our customers and their trade fair visitors – and the logistics and labor costs involved in constructing and staffing the stand are significantly lower.

Explanatory applications are likewise very popular with VR. This type of demonstration offers great prospects for success in showing customers and interested visitors how processes are executed and how productions or machines operate. We have also successfully implemented exciting VR applications for customers in this segment.

Emotionally and actively addressing the target group with VR

VR applications and scenarios are many and varied, yet common to all is the active involvement of the user. In many cases, the virtual experience even has a strong emotional effect. As a result of this and the fact that many people have never experienced the technology before, VR has an enormous power to attract attention, which makes it an effective tool for marketing activities and campaigns. Clearly, in each case it is necessary to consider whether the product or message and VR are compatible and the work and costs will pay off. Although VR often saves money when leasing expensive exhibition space, it would be an expensive solution for smaller end customer campaigns since only a few end customers own VR glasses.

It’s our job as a marketing agency to weigh these things and incorporate VR applications meaningfully into your marketing strategy and media mix. We would be delighted to take you into the VR world. We can show you reference projects live in the agency with our VR glasses and provide advice and support for you in deciding whether these solutions are relevant and promising for your business.

  • 22. July 2018
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