Pitch-Winning for TMC: Successfully PROTIQ-launch with TMC

TMC is ahead by a nose! We are the resulted winner of a pitch, which was performed by Phoenix Contact to launch a service-spectrum! Consequently, we realized and designed the marketing support for a high professional 3D print service for the web portals start, in which user can upload and configurate a model through the web portal.

The brand development of PROTIQ and their CD, a full marketing campaign for the digital sales channel as well as the web portals conception are penned by us and were implemented by means of us.


  • 18. Mai 2017
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TMC GmbH – The Marketing Company
Über uns

TMC ist eine inhabergeführte Full-Service-Marketing- und Werbeagentur. Sie wurde 1994 gegründet und arbeitet seitdem für Kunden aus dem gesamten Bundesgebiet sowie dem europäischen Ausland. Das Leistungsportfolio der Agentur ist auf drei Kernbereiche ausgerichtet: Online-, Offline- und Live-Marketing.


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