HTTPS is mandatory. Don’t risk a warning; convert your website(s).

Since the beginning of 2016, it is mandatory for websites that collect personal data to create a SSL certificate specifically for this purpose. For example, if your website has a contact form, then you already meet this requirement. Make use of any changes in connection with the new data protection regulation and get SSL certificates for your website(s).


Google makes it especially easy for you to take this step. Not only does it give SSL-encrypted websites preferential treatment in search results, since October it even issues the warning “Not Secure” when users enter text in a form on an HTTP page.


What you should do now: Don’t panic… If your website has a form, convert it to HTTPS as soon as possible. After all, it will take a while for this change to be indexed globally by Google and other search engines.


How to get SSL encryption: It’s usually enough to tell your service provider to make the necessary changes. SSL certificates cost money, and there are various suppliers. To avoid being listed as “Not Secure,” a basic certificate is quite sufficient.



  • Before making the transition, make a list of all the HTTP URLs you own. That makes it easy to check afterwards whether all pages were really covered.
  • Don’t forget links in external websites and accounts, such as your company’s XING profile or your website information on Facebook, YouTube and the like. They should also include the new HTTPS page.
  • Check whether your analytics tool and other services still work properly with the HTTPS page.
  • 18. December 2017
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