Every year sees new, innovative ways of improving the participant experience – not just in staging events, but also in planning them.

In particular, 3D room planning tools now simplify the preparation of events and give the people in charge of them better options for presenting the status of their planning to customers and management.

Anyone who has planned a room for an event is bound to have asked the following questions:

  • Is the furniture enough to fill the room?
  • Do the furniture and branding match the overall image?
  • What is the seating arrangement like in reality?
  • Can the screen and speakers be seen clearly from the back row?
  • Do the vision and expectations of the customer/management overlap with our own?

For a long time, clarifying these questions for yourself and providing customers with visual answers was complicated and involved a lot of explaining. That’s why we at the TMC live unit use the event planner tool easyRAUMpro – a 3D CAD and event software product developed especially for the needs of the event industry. It lets users design, construct and visualize rooms at a wide range of different locations. Thanks to faithful replicas of the rooms, the large library of 3D event objects from various furniture rental companies such as Party Rent or JMT, and the option of importing external files, ideas for an event can be visualized quickly and easily. We can also give our customers a realistic idea of and feel for the event in advance thanks to various export functions for images and films (avi) and 360° panoramas, for instance.

Especially at large events covering an area of 1,000 m² and more, this software helps you retain an overview and inform customers of the status of planning in a transparent way using screenshots.

In our major event projects last year, such as the Fujitsu World Tour 2017 or the Annual Conference on Digital Administration, this tool was a great help in preparing the event optimally and working with customers to agree on, define and improve many aspects in advance that they might otherwise only have noticed during the event.

A few months ago, we also stored individual sites, such as Flora in Cologne or the Congress Palais Kassel, as prepared 3D locations that we can now use for more detailed planning with easyRAUM.

Yet the tool is good for more than just major projects. Apart from initial sketches for planning trade fairs and exhibitions and room plans for series of events, we use the program to create sponsorship concepts, support approval processes and as a briefing document for service providers. As a result, issues that are vital to the budget, such as planning of sponsors, are made simpler, more efficient and more realistic for customers. That means stakeholders are on the same page a lot earlier and have the chance to contribute their own ideas.

What do you think about these possibilities? Send us your comments.

If we’ve aroused your interest, we’d be delighted to hear from you at event@tmc-gmbh.de. Maybe we’ll have the opportunity to help you plan your next event – both digitally and in “analog” form.

  • 13. May 2018
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