Fujitsu Partnertage 2016: Mirco Welsing lectures

“You might as well burn it right away! – Five marketing mistakes that you should let the competition make”
This admittedly provocative statement was the title of the presentation by Mirco Welsing, Geschäftsführer der TMC GmbH, The Marketing Company, at Fujitsu’s Partnertage, a Germany-wide roadshow in April that more than 1,500 participants are expected to attend. Welsing, longtime managing director of TMC, which has been in business for twenty years, is enthusiastic about the roadshow: “Marketing in and for the IT industry is exciting, because this sector is known for innovation and rapid trends, and they need to be reflected in industry marketing. I’m looking forward to talking about this – and to the discussions with participants.”

You’ll find the exact dates and locations of the Partnertage here.

  • 23. March 2016
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TMC ist eine inhabergeführte Full-Service-Marketing- und Werbeagentur. Sie wurde 1994 gegründet und arbeitet seitdem für Kunden aus dem gesamten Bundesgebiet sowie dem europäischen Ausland. Das Leistungsportfolio der Agentur ist auf drei Kernbereiche ausgerichtet: Online-, Offline- und Live-Marketing.


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