6 SEO tips for 2018

To be honest, the new year won’t change much as far as search engine optimization is concerned. Still, there are a few SEO trends that are steadily strengthening. You should take these 6 themes to heart if you want to position your website better in the search results:

  1. Put some effort into technical optimization

A technically “clean” website has already taken the first hurdle with all search engines. So do the following:

  • Make a proper site map available
  • Check your website’s internal structure and remove dead internal links
  • Avoid 404 pages


  1. Optimize for your customers

If your website isn’t useful to potential customers, it won’t get visited. So consider the needs or constraints of potential visitors. Describe these customers and their situation as well as possible (no empty phrases like “SME managing directors” or “marketing managers in multinational corporations” etc.; such categories are far too heterogeneous and don’t come close to describing the problems of your customers) and create the content based on that. That can be lots of text or just a little, photos, graphics, videos…. The only measure of what and how much of it you put on your website is whether it helps your visitors.


  1. Make your text and content unique

How often have you been warmly greeted on a website with lots of great-sounding phrases? How many online shops simply parrot the manufacturer’s product description?

The more unique your website content is, the more likely it is that search engines will position you further up. Here too, think in terms of your customers. Instead of simply listing all of a product’s features (“A specialist knows what that means….”), ask yourself what problems your website guests will be wanting to get solved.


  1. Is mobile important to your customers?

Find out how many of your customers visit your website with a mobile device. If mobile usage is (or could become) important in your case, you should develop corresponding content: a responsive website including a mobile index. If mobile usage of your website only occurs in rare cases for certain reasons, then “mobile first” isn’t really relevant for you.


  1. Promote featured snippets

Google is now moving to show special information about a search topic right on the search results page – above the organic search results! In many cases, that information is of a background or instructional nature, with formulations like “How can I….” or “What is….” and the like. That’s why the definition from a Wikipedia page is shown in many cases. Many businesses have noted the questions that get asked about their business and have prepared the corresponding answers.

Here’s an example:

“How can I plant my lawn right?”

Find such questions and write up suitable answers. That can be a list, as in our lawn example, or a table, a video or plain text.


  1. Be there where your customers are searching

You might think so, but Google isn’t the only search engine in the world. YouTube is the second-largest search engine, and about 25% of the videos posted there are said to be “how to” videos. There are also theme-based portals such as Tripadvisor and yelp, and also other possible “search pages.” Xing, Facebook, Ebay…. Find out where your customers spend their time and then…. Go there!

  • 11. February 2018
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